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Posted by College Life on Apr 20, 2017 12:23:28 PM


While it’s easy to complete a course application, deciding on where to invest your precious time and money can be a little trickier. This April we are excited to announce a portfolio of innovative Media programmes which are designed to inspire, motivate and help students fulfill their career aspirations - Read More

We are a College that offers exceptional employer links and are proud of our partnerships with leading Universities such as the University Arts London, who specialise in training in creative industry skills. We work with major London based multi-national companies such as Exposure and local entrepreneurial businesses such as Barnet TV to shape our courses and create opportunities – from practical placements to inspiring guest lectures.

The Media team are an excellent example of how the College supports students in fulfilling their career aspirations. Often entering students for competitions, taking them on excursions and to industry relevant events; as well as collaborative working with organisations in the Creative industry; developing a students' portfolio and their professional reputation.

  • Competitions

Competitions allow Barnet and Southgate College students to build a reputation in their chosen field, throughout the year the creative arts and media team offer students the opportunity to enter a number of prestigious competitions.

Photography students recently won prizes in two competitions. The first organised by Irk magazine, a Paris-based fashion magazine. Prizes went to two of our students, Keanu Kattan for his portrait photography and Tolga Karabulut in the product category, winning photography shown below. 

Keanu Kattan portrait photo.jpg  Tolga Karabulut_Product photo.jpg

The competition demonstrating how the students have developed their photography skills, a creative eye and mastering of technique.

The second completion judged by the Cannon Media Group and won by student Olivia Bird, was also showcased in an exhibition at the Bull Theatre raising professional awareness of her as a photographer.

Olivia Bird1_Exhibition photo 70pc.jpg

Read about the competition - Read More

  • Networking

At the College we use our exceptional employer links to create networking and employment opportunities for Barnet and Southgate College students. Through these links the animation students were invited to attend cutting edge visual effects festival Rich Mix by a contact at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) London studio. ILM set up by George Lucas in the 70s to work on the special effects for the original Star Wars films are still producing ground breaking VFX today, they invited students along to the festival to hear inspirational talks by John Galloway, famous for his work on films such as Rouge one, The Martian and Man of Steel, as well as Stephen Ellis famous for the effects on Harry Potter and Inception.  
The festival allowed students to network, meeting people working in the industry and gain ideas for their projects and portfolios - .Read more

  • Work experience

As a London based College we have relationships with many creative organisations and collaborative working with key partners allows our students to gain valuable industry experience. One such partner is North London based multi-award winning charitable youth communications enterprise “Exposure” who offered our students the opportunity to work on their "Health issue" publication; involving writing copy, photography and modeling.

The experience allowed students to develop not only their creative and professional design skills but their independent learning, communication and team working skills in a professional environment, providing them with invaluable work experience and links in the industry.- Read more

exposure team.jpg

A form takes moments to complete but not many people take time to consider why they are applying for a course.  With so many study options and Colleges to pick from in London it can be a little daunting not to mention confusing, so simply think about what that College can do for you. Consider the work, networking and experience opportunities such as the ones we can offer you through our key partnerships and how the focus on careers is shaping not only the course but the development of our specialist facilities to enable us to focus on the industry skills you will need in the future.

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